International Repatriation to and from Ireland

Forty years of experience in dealing with airlines, Coroners, Embassies and overseas Funeral Directors have created trustworthy connections when handling repatriations both to and from Ireland. We work efficiently and without delay to return your loved one to their home country to be buried or cremated, and we can handle all the paperwork and logistics involved, to place the coffin in the safe hands of the Funeral Director on the other side.

Our skilled staff are familiar with the legal and bureaucratic requirements of various countries and specific airlines or airports. We prepare the affidavits, consular essentials, permissions and attendances required before a deceased person can leave Ireland, and can enter their own country.

Our preparation of the body before leaving Ireland can involve time to repose for a viewing if necessary, before packaging, airport transfer and pre-flight arrangements take place.

Gleasures can make all the arrangements to have someone returned to Kerry for their funeral service and burial. Our international connections and affiliations enable us to handle inward repatriations without delay or further upset to the family.

An initial phonecall is all it takes and we will begin procedures from there. We can organise a funeral director where the person has died, the legal requirements, transfers, paperwork and airline payment. We will work with different religions or languages and will liaise with international Funeral Directors on your behalf. The arrangements for the Church and cemetery can all be prepared before the deceased even reaches Ireland. When the coffin has cleared Irish Customs we will transfer it to the funeral home where we will carefully open it and ensure the deceased is presentable for the family.