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Organisations to be informed of the death:

  • Car ownership and insurance – Documentation will have to be changed as you will not be legally insured to drive if the policy is in the deceased’s name.
  • HSE, Social Services and district nurses – if they were providing such things as meals on wheels, home help, or who may have supplied equipment such as wheelchairs, a bed, and such.
  • Hospital and family doctor – where the person may have been attending prior to death.
  • Employer or professional association.
  • Revenue.
  • Department of social protection – there may be forms to complete to cancel any direct debit payments into a bank account.
  • Rubbish collection company.
  • Property and water taxes.
  • Gas or electric, telephone, and television companies (SKY).
  • An post – arrange redirection of mail.
  • Credit card companies – cancel cards and settle accounts.
  • Bank accounts – close or change joint accounts.
  • Life insurance or assurance companies, maybe stocks or prize bonds need to be changed.
  • Garda station – if a private residence remains empty, contact the local Gardaí so that they are aware.
  • Neighbours – so that they are aware that the house is empty.
  • Solicitor & Accountant – let them know.

Consider deliveries or ongoing arrangements:
Milk – Newspapers – Lottery ticket – Appointments – Home help – Chiropodist – Dentist – Opticians – Hairdresser – Gardener

Passport, Driving License, Vehicle registration documents, TV licence, golf or other clubs, library card.

Headstone: Our aluminium marker plate will inform those visiting the grave of the recent death and in time there will probably be a suitable headstone erected. In the case of a new grave plot, the ground will need three to six months to settle and sink before gravework can commence.

At that stage the family will discuss their particular choice of headstone, kerbing and grave covering with their chosen monumental sculptor. Traditionally the actual stone with the wording is not put in place before the first anniversary. See USEFUL LINKS for reccommendations.

Acknowledgement Notices

These are usually published in one or two of the local, not national newspapers. The notice is prepared to thank those who attended the funeral, gave donations, cards and sympathy, and assisted the family during the time of the funeral. If the acknowledgement notice is published coming up to the anniversary, it can combine the task of telling people when and where the anniversary mass will take place.

In Memoriam Cards

These are cards which a family may choose to prepare and send to those who are particularly close or expressed their condolence in a special way. See USEFUL LINKS for recommendations.

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