We take pride in consistently meeting and often exceeding the standards and expectations of our bereaved, who frequently share their satisfaction with us in writing;


As I write this letter… with a deep gratitude to each of you, who did, what I could not do, care for the last needs of my precious son xxx, what I had done for him, from the moment he was born. That your task was a difficult one I have no doubt, but know, that in all you had to do, I was praying for and thinking of you all.

AC, Tralee

Thank you sincerely for the gentle, caring and spiritual way you helped us through our days of sadness

KD, Tralee

Thank ye for making the hardest couple of days of our lives so much easier.

C O’M, Tralee

I realize you deal with death on a daily basis, but we do not. You made it easier.

DB, Tralee

Thank you so much for your sensitivity, kindness and professionalism

KB, Tralee

May I take this opportunity, on behalf of the HSE’s Children & Family Services, to sincerely thank you for the kind and considerate manner in which you recently accommodated the bereavement needs of xxx and yyy during their mother’s funeral.

EC, Tralee

The kindness and generosity you extended to the family helped greatly to ease the burden of a profoundly sad occasion.

PM, Tralee